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What is MyDigitalId and Why Government Implement It in 2025?

Why Government Implement MyDigitalId?

Tan Sri Dato’ Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin announced that MyDigitalId will be imposed  MyDigitalId is a Malaysia national identity management and transaction signing platform designed to address the vulnerabilities of its contemporary implementation such as insecure communication channels and storage of user credentials.

As we know, MyDigitalId is a big government’s invention and platform to enable speedy and secure performance authentication for users’ interaction with entities both in person and virtual. 

Compared to Malaysia’s physical identification card, it is more dangerous and high risk that every citizen has probability lost their card, or chip on its card unreadable. This causes every citizen insecure and exposes their personal information and forces them to make a replacement for terminating the lost identification card.

Therefore, MyDigitalId is every citizens’ life savior that does not need to bring a wallet anymore! Only require a smartphone and MyDigitalId app to access your own virtual identification card.

Whenever you want to access, such as toll, parking fees, income tax, a MyDigitalId is enough to pay those payments and complete in no time.

MyDigitalId Ecosystem
MyDigitalId Ecosystem

Furthermore, MyDigitalId has a lot of beneficial features to citizens. Below features are:

  • Trusted digital ecosystem

Common user pool of data and services enables application across different systems, organisations and countries

  • One single identification 

Enables accessibility to all government and private digital services

  • High security 

Trusted identity authentication based on user password and unique device physicality

“Why the government implements MyDIgitalId in 2025”, this question became a hot cake among Malaysia communities. Actually, the objective of MyDigitalId is to enhance development of the digital economy inclusively while elevating the confidence towards the Government and private online services.

According to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission aka MCMC, MyDigitalId helps citizens a lot via fingerprint, face recognition, eyes, names and birth date to verify our identities. It enables citizens to make online transactions or the cost of dealing more convenient and secure.

Besides, MCMC stated that this MyDigitalId future plan hopefully can evade online fraud cases and not expose all personal information to others. Privacy and safety is the most important concern.  

MyDigital Id Registration Process
MyDigital Id Registration Process

Now, MyDigitalId reveals a lot of benefits to our citizens. Firstly, it is about real time identity verification and authentication processes. Through a highly secured and trusted platform, it can scan in a rapid time and be able to make a bunch of online transactions including e-commerce verification, government online services, electronic medical records and so on.

In addition, MyDigitalId improves overall customer experience through time saving benefits, hassle free signing, reduced processing and approval time and having instantaneous customer onboarding process. It can eventually lend a hand for parties such as people or users, government, and online service providers.

When it comes to government departments or the private sector, digital ID cards can speed up the processing procedures and grants of various aid and allowance programs; in the field of e-hailing, new drivers can quickly join the ranks because digital ID cards provide real-time and Highly credible verification. 

Lastly, MyDigitalId will be imposed and implemented in future 2025. Let’s looking forward to this new invention for welcoming our new future!

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