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Top 9 Best PDF Magazine Download Websites in 2021

9 Recommended PDF Magazine Download Site

Nowadays, during this COVID-19 pandemic, all of us either study or work at home, or maybe become couch potatoes sitting in front of the TV chill. These days, unexpectedly, increasingly more people read online magazines.

For them, a PDF magazine is the best choice for them because they can get the latest information and trends. A lot of types of PDF magazines are categorized as politics, beauty, fashion, travel, medicine, sports, science and so on. 

However, PDF magazines are not free of charge to download and read. It is quite expensive to pay for them.

Furthermore, people find it difficult to find a free PDF magazine download website. But, you can try out these free PDF magazine download websites! So that you need not to worry about anything that charges you and read it freely. 

1. Emagazine PDF

You can read and share magazines if you go to the website This website contains thousands of PDF magazines on various topics. You can download those PDF magazines directly and no need to register any account.

2. is another great choice to download magazines online free. It offers a wide range of magazines in various topics for you to read. You’re allowed to find in their search engine, read and download online magazines; you can share them anywhere on social media.

3. Snipfiles

Snipfile is a great and free way to download PDF magazines. The main point is, you can enjoy magazine downloads of over 200,000+ titles categorized in PDF, HTML and other formats! What an interesting website! You can get all kinds of eBooks on fiction, sports, science and almost every field for free of charge.

Library Genesis Website
Library Genesis Website

4. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a brilliant and amazing website to download it for free and read magazines, where you can find millions of magazines on all categories. All you will have to do is type and search for it, then click on the name to go to the detailed information page. Then, you can click on its name again and press “GET” to download as PDF. In a few seconds, you are free to read your favorite magazine!


If you’re a fan of magazines, Magdownload might be the perfect way for your needs. You can find through more than one million publications and download the magazine of your choice. It also collects issues of various magazines that will make it easier for you to download in a single link full year of your favorite magazine.

6. Worldmags

The WorldMags website gives an extensive collection of PDF magazines for downloading a bunch of favorite collections that you like. Here you will find all kinds of eBooks – includes romance, mystery, or nonfiction, self-improvement in business information and much more. It’s all free.

Manybooks Website
Manybooks Website

7. Manybooks 

ManyBooks is a great way to download free books in various formats. Here you will find hundreds of titles in all forms of eBooks which are free. Therefore in case you are into other genres, this site is a great option to others on this list.

8. PDF Giant

PDF Giant is a free online PDF magazine download website with over 40 categories. You can find and download free magazines in categories including fashion, travel, science, family, sports and more. You don’t need to register any account. Just download free e-books and read them!

Fliphtml5 website
Fliphtml5 website

9. Fliphtml5

FlipHTML5 is a great way to download free books in various formats. It provides free PDF upload service and you can host unlimited PDF issues for free. When you join as a member, you can download three magazines for free.

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