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Top 3 Most Popular Japanese Actress in 2020

Top 3 Japanese Actress that Loved By Everyone

We always love to look at celebrities that handsome, beautiful and popular. Not only because they have cute face but also they have amazing personalities.

Every countries have own celebrities especially actress are the one that public pay most of the attentions. This is because male love to look at beautiful girls and female also love it too.

Now, we will introduce the top 3 most popular actress in Japan 2020. We are ranking it based on Oricon Style publication which is one of the most famous distributor on entertainment news in Japan.

1. Satomi Ishihara (石原 さとみ)

Satomi Ishihara
Satomi Ishihara

Satomi Ishihara is born at 1986 December 24. She is ranked 6th in the most beautiful faces in the world in 2016. She had participated in many Japanese TV shows and movies that go viral in Japan and China. Recently, she is taking role in new released Japanese show, 病院薬剤師の処方箋. To watch her latest status, you may checkout her Instagram ishihara_satomi.

2. Yui Aragaki (新垣結衣)

Yui Aragaki
Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki is born at 1988 June 11. Recently, she gain a lot of popularity because of one of her amazing acting in a Japanese TV show, Fleeing is Shameful but Beneficial. Due to her extremely cute smiles and beautiful face, she gain a lot of fans in the world. Believe it, she actually start her career as female mode in 20s. To know more about her, checkout her Instagram aragakiyui_fanspage.

3. Kyoko Fukada (深田恭子)

Kyoko Fukada
Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada is born at 1982 November 2. Even though she is 30s, her cute and sexy face still make her famous in Japan. This cause a lot of women admire to her beautiful face. She gain a lot of exposure from teens until now. We hope she can participate more Japanese TV shows so we can watch more her beautifulness. Checkout her Instagram kyokofukada_official to know more!

Here is the top 3 most popular Japanese actress in 2020. What are your top 3 famous actress in Japan? Send email to us and we would like to know more!

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