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How to Use VPN on NOW TV?

Complete Guide to Use VPN with NOW TV

Have you been using a VPN to unblock NOW TV but it isn’t working anymore? Don’t be alarmed; it happens all the time.

NOW TV has discovered a way to uninstall the VPN you’re using. Other technological problems could also be interfering.

In any case, we’ll show you how to quickly address the issue in this post. If you’re sure the problem is with the VPN provider, you can skip ahead to the best VPNs for NOW TV that actually work.

These are the most effective stuff you can try, according to our tests:

1. Restart the VPN Client and/or Connection

Let’s begin with the simplest move. After a few seconds, disconnect from the VPN server and reconnect.

Try restarting the app if that doesn’t solve the problem. Just make sure you turn it on after a few seconds of waiting.

2. Use a Different Server

Perhaps the IP address of the server you’re using has been blocked by NOW TV. Link to a new one after disconnecting from it. Only make sure it’s a server in the United Kingdom.

Use dedicated streaming servers instead of standard servers if your provider provides them. It’s possible that they’ll update their IP addresses more often.

Different IP address

3. Check for Updates

We understand how tempting it is to put off updates, particularly when they necessitate downloading and installing a new client version.

But here’s the thing: an upgrade can mean the difference between your link being blocked or whitelisted by NOW TV. So, if you haven’t run any updates lately, do so now.

4. Try Incognito Mode & Clear Cookies

It’s likely that the issue isn’t with the VPN, but with your browser. It’s possible that tracking cookies will reveal your location to NOW TV. NOW TV detects that your IP address is from the United Kingdom, but your browser cookies indicate that you are, for example, in Canada.

So, before you link to NOW TV, try clearing your cookies. To get you started, here’s a short reference guide.

Consider using your VPN in incognito mode to access NOW TV. It removes cookies when you close the window, so you shouldn’t have to worry about geo-location leaks.

5. Use the Kill Switch

Many VPNs have a Kill Switch, which disables your Internet access if your VPN link drops (which can happen, particularly if you’re located far away from the server).

Now, we realise that sounds extreme, but bear with us. NOW TV will see your real IP address if your VPN link goes down. Yeah, even though it’s just for a couple of seconds.

Since your IP address changes many times, NOW TV can assume you’re using a proxy or VPN. The site will most likely not block your actual IP address, but it will block the IP address of the VPN server.

So, try triggering the Kill Switch to see what happens. Most VPNs have it under link settings, but you can double-check your provider’s support page for the most up-to-date details.

ExpressVPN website

6. Check for Leaks

If nothing else has succeeded so far, there’s a chance your VPN is leaking your IP address through the encrypted tunnel.

This method is the simplest way to check for leaks. Now go ahead and run it and take a screenshot of the results.

After that, start the VPN and link to a server, then use the tool once more. Then compare your findings to the screenshot you took. You’re dealing with a leak if you see your original IP or DNS addresses.

Don’t panic – based on the type of leak, there are a few things you can do:

• IPv6 leaks – Switch off IPv6 entirely. Here’s how to do it on Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

• DNS leaks – Disable IPv6 once more. Teredo and SMHNR can also be disabled on Windows 10. (link, link, and patch for the OpenVPN app). Change your DNS settings to your provider’s DNS addresses manually as well. Using Google Public DNS (8.8.8 and or OpenDNS instead ( and

• WebRTC leaks – Using uBlock Origin or the WebRTC Leak Prevent extension to prevent WebRTC leaks (Opera and Chrome). Alternatively, you can switch off WebRTC in your browser.

Or, you know, just use a VPN that doesn’t leak data – like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

7. Get a Dedicated IP Address

Just one VPN user can use a dedicated IP address. Since the site won’t detect many sign-ins from the same IP address, it’s less likely that NOW TV will mark it as a VPN IP address (like they usually do with shared IPs).

Residential dedicated IPs are available from some providers (such as TorGuard). But you’ll be even more unnoticed because when NOW TV checks your IP address, it won’t see a data centre, but just an actual ISP.


8. Contact Support

If none of the previous suggestions have worked, it’s time to contact the customer service team. They should be aware of the situation and how long it would take to restore access to NOW TV.

They can also have tips unique to their service, which we didn’t cover here.

Nothing Worked? Time to Get a VPN That Actually Unblocks NOW TV!

Are you still having issues?

Sorry to report, but it seems that your VPN is unable to unblock NOW TV at all. Alternatively, it can do so, but only for a short time.

In that case, the only thing we can suggest is that you change VPN providers. It’ll be inconvenient, but you’ll have near-constant access to NOW TV.

It can be difficult to select the right VPN for the job, but fortunately, there is a detailed guide that lists and compares all of the VPNs that unblock NOW TV. Check it out right now by clicking here.

Did You Ever Have Problems Unblocking NOW TV with a VPN?

If so, what steps did you take to resolve the issue? Was it something from our guide, or something else entirely?

Tell us all about it in the comments section or on social media. 

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