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How to Request New SPM Certification Online in 2021?

Method to Apply New SPM Certification Online

SPM is Malaysian Institute of Education aka Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia for Form 5 students in order to further studies to other public or private universities or colleges.

After graduation, you may feel relaxed and on cloud nine to enjoy your holiday. However, when you want to apply the chances to enroll into universities, your SPM certification is lost and you can’t apply.

All education certificates are important documents that should be kept somewhere safe as it is a crucial document that is needed when applying for a job or even furthering your education.

However, most of us tend to lose our certificates due to our own carelessness and ignorance. That is the harsh truth. Are you feeling frustrated when your SPM certificate has gone? Are you in need to apply to a higher institution or job using an SPM certificate? No worries, here we have few tips for you to recover your SPM certificate online!

Starting from 1st Feb 2021, you can register and recover your SPM certificate online, and available for delivery services. It provides ex SPM students with a convenient and saving time method.

There are few steps to be followed for recovering your SPM certificate via online.

Step 1: Open the website ‘E-Lembaga Peperiksaan’ 

Search and head over to the E-Lembaga Peperiksaan

E-Lembaga Peperiksaan website
E-Lembaga Peperiksaan website

Step 2: Click on the top left corner

Then, click on the most top left corner of the page which will bring you to a few more options. Click on option ‘Perkhidmatan’.

Step 3: Choose “Salinan Keputusan”

After clicking on the option ‘Perkhidmatan’, it will guide you to a page with four different options. Click on the option ‘Salinan Keputusan’.

Perkhidmatan section and Salinan Keputusan
Perkhidmatan section and Salinan Keputusan

Step 4: Choose whichever certificate that you would like to recover, eg. SPM

A page with a list of various education certification options will pop up onto your smartphone screen. Pick the one that you would like to request or replace and fill in the necessary information. There will be a small charge that you would have to pay for the new certificate.

Recover SPM cert
Recover SPM cert

Step 5: Fill in the applicant’s personal details

For your information, to recover any of the certificates, one must pay RM30 (Certification Fee) + RM10 (Delivery Fee) which is equal to RM40. Before that, as students, we ought to fill in our personal details including identification number, matrix number, name, school name and etcetera. Make sure everything is correct and u may submit it as well.

Fill up SPM certification request
Fill up SPM certification request

Step 6: Pay the fee

You can pay the fee via online banking such as FPX and instant transfer. Then, your certificate shall be delivered to the address stated in personal details.

Here’s the way to request and replace with a new SPM certificate via online in 2021! For your info, SPM certificate is very significant to your future as well as u may use it for your future use.

For instance, taking an interview, enrolling into universities and any others. This certificate plays an evidence to prove your potential and abilities. Therefore, here’s a small reminder: Don’t be careless to lose your certificate although you can request it via online!

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