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How to Connect Smartphone with Printer without using PC

Ways to Connect Smartphone with Printer

Printer is a device that accepts representation of graphics or text and transfers information to paper, usually standard size sheets of paper. Nowadays, printers vary in size, speed, resolution and cost.

Undeniably, printers are also technologized such as barcode printer, 3D printer, inkjet printer, thermal printer, bluetooth printer and etcetera. It is very convenient to print in no time compared to visiting a commercial printer or office supply store to do so. 

Furthermore, printers are also easier to use when you want to make your files or documents hardcopy and low cost for students to print in long term use. 

As we know, printers are common in households, offices, schools, and business companies, but direct cable printing by connecting smartphones without using a PC are not. Yes, while printing from a Windows PC or Mac is a very easy task, however printing from a smartphone is not.

However, as the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. There is a super-duper simple method to enable us print our hardcopies without using PC or Mac by connecting with a mere smartphone. Let’s check it out!

NokoPrint - WiFi, Bluetooth, USB printing
NokoPrint – WiFi, Bluetooth, USB printing

Firstly, you must install a software called “NokoPrint – Wireless and USB Printing” in the Play Store for Android users. If you are IOS user, you also can try another software which is “PrinterShare” and having a paper aeroplane, bunch of papers and Wi-Fi sign in its logo.


Next, in order to print your document directly from your own smartphone, you must have an OTG USB cable or OTG Type C cable.

OTG USB cable
OTG USB cable

Feel free to visit below link if you are interested in buying with:

Some of you might be curious, “What is this cable for?” or “Is that useful?”. Of course, these OTG cables enable you to connect via USB tethering.

Not only for printer use, you can also connect with your mouse, keyboard, game controller or importing files from your flash drive! These cables are fast-forward to connect rapidly and safe to use!

Take my word, they are very beneficial to use and cheap in long term use. These cables cost less than RM10 and last long for your printing use! 

cable connect smartphone with printer
cable connect smartphone with printer

Then, you ought to use your OTG cable to connect your smartphone with the printer directly. There is no need for using a PC or Mac honestly. After that, open your application that you installed before, which is NokoPrint or PrinterShare through your smartphone.

For Android users, your smartphone will display a bunch of choices, such as photos and images, documents, and webpages. However, you must firstly choose wisely for your printer and make sure everything is correct including the printer model name.

While for IOS users, you have a lot of choices which are photos, contacts, email and so on to choose and print out. There is also a button for choosing your printer model and connecting it.

Last but not least, it will pop out a screen which enables you to print how many hardcopies you need and select those pages you want to print. 

Finally, your hardcopies are printed out! No PC or Mac is needed to print, what a great way to save time and money! These are the simple steps to let you follow on to print any documents, photos, registration form that you need. 

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