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Harry Redknapp Establish Jam Roly Polys Online Business

Football Legend Harry Redknapp Created Online Jam Business

Recently, a football legend and crowned King of the Jungle, Harry Redknapp, has launched an online business to bring his favourite jam roly polys to the nation. He wants to encourage people who have a business idea to take the leap and start their own online business.

Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp

GoDaddy, which is dedicated to providing ordinary entrepreneurs with the advice and resources they need to thrive online, is launching its “Harry’s Roly Polys” campaign across the UK, which stars Harry Redknapp, a former football manager, recent King of the Jungle, and jam roly poly fan.

Besides, the profits he earned of course will go to homelessness charity, Hope Housing, after Sandra and Harry were recently spotted handing out jam roly’s to rough sleepers in Bournemouth.

Furthermore, Harry’s love for jam roly polys captured the imagination of the British public. Seeing the opportunity to bring his wife Sandra’s secret recipe to market, Harry’s roly polys are now available to buy online which is made with help from Heidi Bakery.

Although he may be an expert on roly polys, he did not know the first clue how to create a fanciful website and sell his favourite dessert online. Harry returned from the jungle determined to share his favourite dessert with the UK public.

GoDaddy helped him out by providing him with all the tools he needed to sell his beloved dessert online. Furthermore, he joined forces with GoDaddy, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs, to help him get a domain name and build a smart, easy-to-use website for his customers.

GoDaddy hopes that the success of Harry’s online business will encourage more British entrepreneurs to join their groups thriving online in order to promote business.

Harry Redknapp, King of the Jungle and former English football manager stated that, “Jam roly poly pudding, I just love it. It’s the thing I missed most in the jungle, so I thought why not start a business selling them and make some money for charity.” 


“Traditionally they are made with raspberry jam, but we always make them with strawberry jam and that’s how I like them. I know this might be controversial, but we’ve tried many different roly polys in the Redknapp household, and my version is definitely the best!” he said.

They are so proud of their products and keep improving their service and quality for their customers.

“I know all there is to know about roly polys, but I didn’t have a clue how to sell the things online. Fortunately, I’ve got GoDaddy to help with that – they got me a smart, simple website up and running in no time.” Harry said.

Truly, his roly polys are famous and make their products in online business. Irana Wasti, SVP & Head of EMEA, GoDaddy stated that, “Harry is typical of so many everyday entrepreneurs in the UK: passionate about what they do, but too short on time or expertise to get online.”

Harry Redknapp starting online business
Harry Redknapp starting online business

Setting up a website doesn’t have to be problematic and it doesn’t require specialist skills for a designation website, in fact thousands of British entrepreneurs like Harry do it every week. 

“GoDaddy can help anyone with an idea get online, whether you’re a tech expert or someone who needs to get on the phone for extra guidance, we have all the tools and support you need to succeed.” provides one more explanation by Harry. 

“Britain is home to 5.4 million microbusinesses and now more than ever having a website is key to their success. We can show Britain’s army of entrepreneurs how simple it is to build a website and grow their business, by joining forces with Harry Redknapp.”

The jam roly polys for Harry’s venture were produced and supplied by Heidi Bakery, a British small business and GoDaddy client. 

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