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FMovies: Free Online Movies Streaming Website

Watch Free Movies at FMovies & Alternative Sites

FMovies is a website providing people with streaming video functions, it allows people to download movies or web series. Most importantly, all the videos on this website are free of charge. Kindly read through its proxy, alternatives, minor sites, etc. 

There is no doubt that the largest resources of entertainment worldwide are movies and TV shows. These sources entertain almost 30% of the population. Back in the old days, people were much relying on TV and multiplexes to watch TV shows and movies, but things have changed, digital streaming platforms and OTT have become the favourite of audiences to watch movies and shows since the last decade. 

People like enjoying movies and TV shows. Due to the expensive packages offered by few video streaming applications such as Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix, they are not willing to spend it as the living expenses are too high.

Therefore, you must be curious why don’t we find a free video streaming site to watch the latest movies and series online, right? So, here we recommend one of the best sites which are FMovies.

According to Wikipedia, FMovies site is a series of copyright violation websites started in the year 2016, and its level of popularity increased so fast in a short period of time until reaching millions of users across the globe.

The reason why is that this site provides embedded videos and hosts links where it could permit the users to either download or stream the free films online.

Besides, it has a variety of movies and TV shows included on the website that are almost the same with some premium apps like Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Netflix so on and so forth. 

United State Movies in FMovies
United State Movies in FMovies

What is FMovies?

As mentioned above, FMovies is an online site for audiences to download and watch free movies, Web series, and TV Shows. This site is free to be used.

For your information, pirated movies would not be hosted on its server. Therefore, it does not consider illegal action as they are being directed to 3rd party websites to download or stream the free TV shows and movies. 

FMovies Proxy & Mirror Sites List [2021]

Due to the problems of copyright infringement and crooked promotion, The governments and cybersecurity have solid reasons to ban FMovies in some countries like the United States.

However, by having mirror and proxy sites, they are still managed to sustain even the government has taken some legal actions towards its website.

Starting from the year 2016 where its incipiency, few domains and mirror sites have been used to host FMovies. is the current proxy site. Following provided are some proxy server used before:











How do FMovies work?

I would say FMovies is quite a famous website used for video streaming as it gathers a large collection of movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, the website looks clean and designs in a structured manner like classifying the movies properly. The users will not face any difficulties when surfing the website as its interface is user-friendly, so they get to familiar with the operation of FMovies quickly. 

FMovies are available in most countries except those countries like the US who has treated piracy as a crime. But, don’t feel frustrated, those users who are staying in these countries can access it via VPN services.

There are many VPN service providers online, you can select any of the VPN services based on your needs in terms of your requirements and the budget you have. 

IMDB Movies in FMovies
IMDB Movies in FMovies

Features of FMovies

FMovies has a lot of features that make it one of the most popular free movie sites on the internet. Here are some of the best features:

We have seen how well FMovies has been developed on the internet and their features have made them become a popular movie site among the others. Following are the details of its features

A large collection of movies and TV shows: Users get to enjoy a substantial collection of movies and TV shows on FMovies. On this website, you could find any movies that you want, even the movies that are not available in your country. FMovies is similar to premium OTT platforms such as Prime, HBO, Disney+, and Netflix, as people can use it for video streaming. 

User-friendly design: The interface of this website is easy-to-use. It has included different tabs like Home, Genre, Country, and TV series. Each of the movies and shows also has been attached with a clear description such as their genre, director, year of release, the movie/TV shows, and the actor’s list. The users get to read the summary before watching them. Most importantly, FMovies is providing its services with zero charges. You do not need to submit any forms, share an email address, or fill up any Credit Card details. 

FMovies alternatives

Other than FMovies, there is still a lot of free popular video streaming sites as provided below:

• Soap2day

• XMovies8 

• WatchFree

• 123Movies

• AZMovies

• YesMovies

• Solarmovie


• Putlocker

Paid Alternatives to FMovies

As the alternatives free websites mentioned above are not allowed in certain countries, here we have provided some legal sources with paid services: 

• Netflix

• Hulu

• Amazon Prime Video

• Snagfilms

• Tubi

• Vudu


• Kanopy

• Snagfilms


• Hotstar

Movies List
Movies List

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to FMovies

After much describing what FMovies have, comes to the FAQ section. We hope the FAQ below could clarify your questions or problems you face while surfing the site. 

1. Is FMovies legal?

FMovies is considered legal sites since they do not pirate or hold any of the movies on the server. In turn, this website will direct the users to third-party sites which are hosting copyright content. 

2. Is FMovies safe?

FMovies is a safe and easy-to-use site. Even if it always pop-up some unnecessary ads and you might feel frustrated. However, it is a way for them to earn money to maintain the operation of their server.

Moreover, we recommend you to add the “Ad-blocker” extension to your web browser in order to avoid the ads and pop-up windows and use up the VPN service or anti-virus software while accessing this website for safety purposes. 

3. Can I watch movies that are not available in my country?

Yes, you can do so by using some recommended free or paid VPN service such as Nord or Express. 

4. Do I need to register on FMovies?

No, you do not need to log in or sign up when you enter the website, and you can access the site freely. You can just simply search and play any of your desired movies in HD quality.

5. Does FMovies have a mobile app?

Up till now, FMovies only have a website on the internet. 

6. How do I know about the latest movies on FMovies?

If you would like to trace the latest movies on FMovies, we recommend you subscribe to their FMovies newsletter services using your email address as it will notify the updates regularly. Kindly check through your email once in a while.

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