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Blood And Money

Blood And Money Honest Movie Review

First and foremost, Blood and Money is a loud and sensual film set against the peaceful backdrop of a vast, white, snow-covered forest. Every shaky step, gust of wind, and crunch of clothing breaks through the score’s aimless, sharp monotony.

These background details reflect the main character, Jim Reed (Tom Berenger), and reflect his lack of purpose and appreciation for life. The first half of the film is a slow but welcome build-up that maintains a consistent tone of tedium. When that balance is abruptly upset, the action and plot take control of the film, and nuance becomes scarce.

fighting scene

The script is mediocre in terms of supporting the actors’ performances. Sometimes the dialogue is natural, emphasising the anxiety of certain characters; other times, it is overly expository, making the cast appear robotic and distant. The latter frequently leads to scenes of revelation – a transition that functions as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows the scenes to flow seamlessly between each other by using context clues; on the other hand, interaction and characterisation feel somewhat forced.

Moreover, more character, suspense, and plot development would have gone a long way toward making this stick to the ribs of crime genre fans. The villains are so disposable and inept that they barely register. The film’s antihero, Jim Reed (Tom Berenger), is fleshed out more, but he remains rather flat. His own motivations are too hazy for us to latch onto.

When karma plays its tricks on Reed, we should be as irritated as he is about his incompetence. After all, he’s trying to outwit and outrun four violent criminals, but every time he gets his hands on a weapon, or even a leg up on the enemy, the gun is empty, and the advantage is lost for the time being. 

Despite this, Berenger is excellent in the role, exuding his character’s jittery and awkward energy. His movements are laboured and tired, and his voice is gruff and weary. He perfectly captures Jim’s descent into the trance of fleeing and apprehending the robbers.


Viewers see his moral compass deteriorate as his nervous tick is replaced by an overconfident ruthlessness, causing him to lose control of what he’s doing. This transformation parallels the film’s descent into a muddled and underwhelming climax, followed by an even more disappointing conclusion.

Overall, Blood and Money is thrilling and haunting in the right places. But, stripped of all the suspense, it’s still a simple hit-and-run storey with none of the deeper, underpinning storytelling required to make the action work. In addition, the second half of the film is slow with anticipation and leaves a lot of plot beats careless and unresolved.

The series of coincidences that tangle themselves together as the storey progresses and the climax comes to a close is clever in places, cliché and obvious in others. Hence, Jim’s final confrontation with the last robber is cathartic, highlighting an inkling of potential nuance, but it is ultimately overshadowed by the rest of the film’s shortcomings.

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