About Us

What is Tomato FreshNews?

Tomato FreshNews is a comprehensive informational blog that focus on providing latest news, promotion, lifestyle, gadgets, entertainment, hot girls and boys to Tomato FreshNews viewers. We believe information is everything and you as Internet user has the right to know everything that are happening in the past and now in fair and equal measure.

We can provide Tomato FreshNews viewers the comprehensive views that are not only in Malaysia context but in the global point of view too. We continuously research and develop the better methods to communicate the latest stories to viewers. If viewers have any suggestions or enquiries, you may always contact us through email.

At our site, we have 6 main categories which are news, promotion, lifestyle, entertainment, gadgets and hot girls/boys.

In news category, we will share with you the latest news that are happening in Malaysia and the world. In the news, we will share the evidences and images that found on the Internet to increase the credibility of our news. Our sources are coming from various parties such as social media, third party website and many more.

In promotion category, it will include all the on-going promotion that might benefit our viewers. Type of promotion can be free gift, discount promotion, cashback promotion and many more. This is to ensure viewers can immediately informed promotion that are happening now. If any companies want to advertise their promotion at our site, we are welcoming you.

In lifestyle category, we will talk a lot about tips and tricks that might useful in your daily life. For example, top 10 best café in Kuala Lumpur or best places to travel in Malaysia and many more. Basically information anything that we might do in our daily lifestyle.

In entertainment category, as self explanatory, it will include all entertainment information such as movies of the months, best rating TV shows in 2020 and more. You may consider it as reviews for movies, video clips and more.

In gadgets category, we will post articles that related to updated technology that might be useful to you. Example of topic articles are best budget smartphone in 2020, top-rated quality earphone in Malaysia and many more. In general, article that related to technology and gadgets will under this category.

In hot girls/boys category, we will feature attractive girls and boys in the articles. It will not only limited to Malaysia but other countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, USA and more. We will include their contact information such as social media account for viewer to learn more about them!

In the end, we believe mutual collaboration among parties in every aspect will enhance viewers experiences at Tomato FreshNews. We are welcoming any parties that look for opportunities to collaborate, advertise or any other forms by contacting our support team.

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